Friday, July 22, 2011

Crunch Pod: ANIMAL RIGHTS Benefit compilation

Release: V/A Compilation
Release Date: August 2nd 2011
Label: Crunch Pod
Format: Digital only. 

Throughout much of the United States animals have about as many rights as a piece of furniture. There are more laws protecting your car then there are for animals. They are considered nothing more than “property” and do not deserve any rights. People who abuse them usually get little to no punishment for the suffering they cause. It’s time for that to change. 

JUSTICIA PRO BESTIA (Justice for Animals) is a collection of artists who believe that animals deserve their own rights and much more. All the proceeds from the sale of this digital compilation will be donated to The Animal Legal Defense Fund. Since 1979 they have been fighting for animal rights, domestic and wild, by working to improve and expand laws protecting animals and to help make penalties against animal abusers much tougher. All the songs and remixes found on JUSTICIA PRO BESTIA are previously unreleased. 

Track list: 

1. Manufactura-Animism
2. Die Sektor-Accelerant (Nitemare Machine remix)
3. Xiescive-Bloodwork
4. Lexincrypt-Crawl to My Grave (vProjekt remix)
5. 9th Evolution-Brightness Falls
6. Bitch Brigade-You think you're so cool
7. Filament 38-Frail (Fear Crawling Mix)
8. System Syn-Chemical (Labrat mix by Cryogen Second)
9. Mangadrive-Mega Man III Intro (remix)
10. Caustic-White Knuckle Head Fuck (Death Proof Mix Feat. SMP)
11. Uberbyte-You're Wrong
12. Rec|use-Rendered Bodies
13. Terrorfakt-ALF (Muted Logic remix)
14. Polluted Axis-Disgusted
15. Sinsect-In All Fairness
16. Mangadrive vs Iammynewt-Chain Whips
17. The Break Up-Ninja
18. Lucidstatic-Jacob's Ladder (remix by Tineidae)
19 Cervello Elettronico-Techno Science (No Science remix by Eisdrive)
20. Warpcoil-Arandisan
21. Aliceffekt feat. Pocaille-The Thaw
22. Lapsed+nonnon-Z Crazy Eyes (Mothboy remix)
23. Torrent Vaccine-Tentative Response
24. C/A/T-Fall Out 

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