Friday, June 18, 2010

Black Meat Live Show Review and Pics- Tampa 10/25/05

Harsh Fucking Noise!

TAMPA, FL - Masquerade Ybor. Travis Morgan (NCC Records) and Graham Moore (Blossoming Noise) are Black Meat.

I'm sure that Atlanta was more than happy to loan Tampa Black Meat, as Atlanta finally had a quiet night. Meanwhile, Travis and Graham unleashed an all out noise assault on the appreciative Masquerade audience that was felt for blocks.

Opening with a "toe tapping" favorite, 10 minutes of potato chip munching, Black Meat then got down to business. They molded a wash of screaming and intense, computer-assisted, pedal abused noise into a breathtaking mass of nuclear waste or loud, harsh fucking noise. The kind of noise that Black Meat is famous for. Yeh, the kind of noise that can rupture the colon of a male sheep at 1000 yards. Brutal

I hope the farm animals were left at home for this one.

Pictures on this page by Michael Oster aka ReGurgiTron. 

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