Friday, June 18, 2010

Review - V/A - Bullshit Detector

Here's a review of the Bullshit Detector comp I submitted a track for.
The concept of the comp was a noise homage to  anarcho punk and hardcore legends.
Initially I was going to do a cover of "So What" by CRASS but in the end decided to do a cut up tribute to Annie Anxiety entitled "Muneca"

V/A – Bullshit Detector 2008 CDR
Now THIS is a BAD ASS noise comp!!! First of all, fucking awesome idea. Bullshit Detector offers noise remixes and re-interpretations of anarcho-punk, hardcore, and metal songs. With many of the people on the punk/hardcore/metal end of the “extreme music” spectrum doubting the power of noise/industrial let them doubt no more and look no further then Bullshit Detector 2008.
There’s not one track on this compilation I dislike. Every artist delivers their best here with an absolutely consistent lineup. Concrete Violin offers a great opener with “Annihilation (Crucifix)” featuring some top-notch vocals. Fire in the Head follows up with “Clutches (Nausea)”, his screamed vocals over a low distorted drone with great windy noise washes makes for a stunning wall of unforgivable industrial noise. The mighty Guilty Connector is up next with “Tears And Tears (Angry Filth Mix)” a throbbing LFO synth pulse and harsh noise brewing above it clocking in around 2 minutes. Many of these tracks are just that short, with no intention to impress or evolve Bullshit Detector is 100% noise kills punx dead.
Following Guilty Connector’s spastic assault is Halthan with “Is There Anybody There? (Flux Of Pink Indians)” a more subdued thick noise rumble with up-front vocals which leads into Travis Morgan’s “Mueca (Tribute To Annie Anxiety)” probably the track with the most variety here. Blasts of harsh noise, layers of experimental feedback loops and cut-up vocal samples. Next Noisewerrrk uses guitar loops in his more traditional remix of “Meanwhile (Discharge)” which if I didn’t know any better could just be a strait-up nasty power electronics assault. Nyarlathotep’s “Onward Christian Soldiers (Icons Of Filth)” does some interesting things with a bass guitar before throwing us into a virtual industrial blender of what I can only assume is a swirling barrage of mutilated punk rock. Even Shallow Water’s “Our Life, Our World (The Mob)” offers a great change of pace, offering up the longest track here by slowing things down to a wall of droning noise to slowly and relentlessly build up their seething wall of distortion to a soaring torrent of monolithic noise.
Finally we’re down to the last three tracks, the final bastion of brave souls who dared to stand up to mutilate these once classic tracks. Sistrenatus’s “Multinational Corporations (Napalm Death)” is my favorite of the disc with a fucking pummeling track of rhythmic industrial noise and incredibly scathing vocals. Yet another heavy hitter Sudden Infant picks up the second-to-last maltov cocktail to throw with “Asylum (Crass)” giving a subtle new take on Crass’s classic diatribe. Finally Wertham drops the bomb on everyone with “Polvere Fastidiosa (Indigesti)” which is probably the first track of his that I really enjoy. Once again using a looping sample like Noisewerrrrk did it’s simple, to the point and hits home just like the classic track itself delivers.
Great concept for a compilation. Flawlessly executed, the mastering and track order is perfect. Everything is loud and brutal, the tracks provide depth, evolution, variation, keep my interest and offer a new and interesting take on these classic songs. In addition every artist here just absolutely kills it. Bullshit Detector 2008 delivers the energy and pissed off attitude that lacks so much in today’s punk and hardcore world.

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