Sunday, July 18, 2010

Transcending Stoic Patterns - The Death of NCC Records

Transcending Stoic Patterns:

In the fall of 1999 I created NCC Records as a vehicle to promote and release my own material as well as material from friends of mine who were creating quality work but were just not getting it listened to.

We started out making handmade covers and cdrs in very low numbers, pushing it off on zines, indie radio, and anyone that would listen. These tactics, plus word of mouth, and sites like really helped us grow a base of supporters, that I have always appreciated for being there.

Over the past 10+ years I've had countless opportunities to travel, play music, and meet some of the most talented and awesome people in the noise scene and that's something I will always be thankful for.  Most people never do shit with their lives other than sit around on the internet and talk trash and make everyone else around them miserable.

Over the past 10+ years I've had the blessing of being able to publish releases from bands that I love, and saw the quality of these releases progress as our fan base grew.
I've gotten to see my friends go from passing around mp3s on IRC to actually going out on the road to play shows and get air play and reviews for their hard work.

Over the past 10+ years  I've had an opportunity to build a small personal empire that I got to play in like a kid in a candy store, putting out cds, records and tapes, creating scenes in each city I've lived in, helping book bands in obscure locations and large venues, and meeting people that liked what I was doing with my noise and my label in every town I've traveled to on a whim for a small show here or a two day fest there.

Over the past 10+ years I've made a lot of great friends in cities all over the U.S. and beyond and I am more than thankful and appreciative of this.
In hard times the supporters of me and NCC Records have been there to help me out of a jam, or have been patient when I wasn't able to make it to the post office to deliver records right away as they all understood running a one man record label and trying to do the other day to day shit (pay a mortgage, be a good boyfriend, take care of dogs, be a friend, try to create music / art when you're in a slump, try to be human) can sometimes be more than most people can handle.

I want to personally thank everyone who has helped along the way, from fans that bought the records, to all the distros that carried the stuff, the club and radio djs that played the stuff, the zines and bloggers that wrote about it, the bands that trusted me with their material to make them a quality product, the people that show me pictures of stickers or tattoos of the NCC records logo, the people that tell me they still have all the handmade promo materials and releases, the promoters and kids that booked the shows,  the people that bought merch so I could get a fucking beer, or a piece of pizza, or gas to move on to the next show or just get back home broke and tired, all the friends I've made over the years, the kids I toured with or just chat online with late at night and tell me about their new projects.
In short, the people who cared and believed - Thank You, the last decade has been fucking amazing because of you.

Having said all that, If you're still reading NCC records has been taken deep out into the woods and shot.
Again the past decade has been amazing, but it's time for me to move on.
As much as NCC Records has been a blessing and an outstanding force in my life, it's also associated with a major personal part of my life that is basically dead.
Don't let it be misunderstood, I'm not turning my back on noise, the people who make it, the labels that put it out, or all the people that have supported NCC  over the years, this is not the case at all, I will continue to create and support noise.
It's simply time to molt and start creating the next chapter of my life and my work and I don't think any of this can be done under the same moniker.

For any of the friends I've made through the years that are still interested after this, I am dividing my time into three projects currently

A. Transcending Stoic Patterns - This is simply a personal blog that I will use as a vehicle to post my own visual art / sounds /and writings to. Not just new material but also any other older stuff I feel is relevant.

B. A Radio With Guts - This is a zine/blog that I have created to help promote all type of music that I like genre be damned. There is a slight emphasis on current music and art events in Knoxville TN but it is no way a local rag type blog. 
Feel free to send your shit in for reviews or contact us about interviews and news for your projects.

C. Lost Sea Recordings - This is a new label that I will be starting to publish any type of music that I feel needs be listened to -  not unlike A Radio With Guts, it's a genre be damned approach.
I'm taking everything I've learned over the years about running a record label and applying this to a less pigeon holed approach. Formats will include Cassettes, Records, and CDs.
We are currently seeking acts for this label so feel free to get in touch - again anything goes as long as it's good.

It's been a blast everyone, and I hope that I'll still have the support from all of you as I progress in these new projects and leave NCC Records to rest in pieces.
For any of you that are still interested in obtaining the remaining NCC Records catalogue please feel free to get in touch -

Thank you all again.
Hopefully our paths will continue to cross as I set out on these new ventures.

Travis Morgan

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