Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gigantic Noise Tape Sale!! (get this stuff out of here please)

All cassettes are $5 each plus shipping 
email before ordering -
paypal account is the same address 
feel free to get in touch about discounts on bulk orders
just need the room and the cash so I'm willing to bargain with you

Bereft - First Degree Of Separation
Evenings - Descending Coma  (2 copies)
Impregnable - Beauty Stone
Liver Mortis - 25 Minutes Over Holly
Liver Mortis - Suited Treatment
Marax - Breathing Cold Memories
Marax / Hyperdriver - Reap This
Nkondi / Graham Moore - Mugshots Vol 3
Phroq - The Kingdom
Robert Inhuman - Putrid Sacrifice
Savage Streets - Wild in the Streets
Yeko / Can't
Zandosis - Old Gold 

RRR Recycled Series:

De Fabriek 
Donna Parker
Immaculate Grotesque
John Wiese 
Wolf Eyes

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